About Us


Foothills Alpaca Farm was established in April, 2006 and began with a pregnant female and a juvenile female.  Before even having the animals moved from the farms we purchased them from, we lost the juvenile female to an allergic reaction to a vaccine.  We were determined to start our herd, so we purchased a pregnant female and her 3 week old female cria.  We have grown in the last decade and our alpacas are like our children.  

As to how our farm got it’s name, our farm borders the Foothills State Forest, thus you have Foothills Alpaca Farm.

We love visitors – come spend some time in the barn or watching the alpacas graze – it does the soul good! Over the years, we have made many wonderful items from our very own Alpacas.  We shear them once a year to harvest their wool, or what we call “fiber”.  It produces incredible items such as; Socks, Scarves, Roving, Natural Colored Yarn, Mittens, Hats, Gloves, and many other wonderful things.

Are you interested in purchasing an Alpaca?  Or not sure what your next step is?  Give us a call and schedule some time with us to work with you to find out what is right for you.

We are open all year round – call us today at 218-947-3291!